July 16, 2018

The team from the University of Stuttgart wins the competition to build the best bioreactor for 99 euros

iGEM Team wins in Dresden
[Picture: Uni Dresden/Kirsten Mann ]

Members of the iGEM Team Stuttgart from the Institute of Biochemical Engineering won first place out of ten teams from various universities at this year’s competition to build the best bioreactor possible for 99 euros, held by the Netzwerk Bioverfahrenstechnik in Dresden (July 5-6).

The aim of the competition is to design and build a bioreactor for 99 euros that can autonomously cultivate cells for 24 hours. The type of cells to be cultivated was given in advance and this year’s choice was Anoxybacillus flavithermus, an organism that must be cultivated at 60°C. This meant that not only a heating, but also a cooling system must be provided to prevent evaporation of the medium.

Contact Adrian Eilingsfeld, Institute of Biochemical Engineering, email: adrian.eilingsfeld[at] ibvt.uni-stuttgart.de
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