The Green Party and the CDU present their coalition agreement at the University of Stuttgart's Campus Vaihingen

May 5, 2021, Nr. 34

The ARENA2036 Research Campus symbolizes a new sustainable society

On May 5, 2021, the Green Party and the CDU presented their coalition agreement for the next Baden-Württemberg state government at the ARENA2036 Research Campus. Rector Prof. Wolfram Ressel welcomed Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, Minister Thomas Strobl, Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand, state party leaders from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Baden-Württemberg; and further representatives from the coalition parties, at Campus Vaihingen.

"The coalition agreement shows we have a clear common goal for Baden-Württemberg. We will safeguard our resources - natural, economic, and social. That means, we want to make Baden-Württemberg climate-neutral and protect biodiversity. We aim to successfully tackle the structural transformation of the state economy and strengthen social cohesion. And that is why we want to launch this new coalition in a location that clearly demonstrates how this transformation can be shaped with innovative ideas and products", emphasize Sandra Detzer and Oliver Hildenbrand, state party leaders of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Baden-Württemberg.

In his welcome speech, Rector Ressel said: "We are delighted that the coalition agreement between the parties of the future state government is being presented here, at the high-tech center of the University of Stuttgart. Our flexible research campus unites renowned research institutes with companies from the industrial sector under one roof. This enables the creation of innovative product technologies that will make a valuable contribution to the future economic and social prosperity of our region. We associate today's gesture with the hope that our politicians will succeed in positively shaping conditions for scientific research - despite pandemic-related budgetary constraints - so that we are able to develop intelligent solutions for a sustainable society, in line with the university's vision."

Rector Prof. Wolfram Ressel and Peter Froeschle (ARENA2036) welcomed Minister President Winfried Kretschmann.
Peter Froeschle and Prof. Wolfram Ressel welcomed Minister Thomas Strobl .
Winfried Kretschmann and Thomas Strobl presented the Coalition Agreement.




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