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Sustainability and energy conservation: Faculty 2 is raising environmental awareness

March 1, 2023

Faculty 2 aims to raise awareness of environmental issues with a sustainability strategy and a working group. One of the first measures implemented by faculty members was to eliminate financial support for air travel for field trips.

Faculty 2: Civil- and Environmental Engineering (F02) aims to make the topic of sustainability more visible, ensuring its integration into everyday university life. To this end, the faculty founded the "Sustainable Faculty 2" working group approximately two years ago, which comprises around twelve members of the professorate, academic staff, and the student body. "As civil and environmental engineers, we shape our environment and therefore bear a special responsibility for our future livelihoods.  We want to create a pleasant place to work and study," says Manfred Wacker, head of the working group.

As a result, the faculty has now implemented a rule that financial support for air travel for field trips will no longer be provided. Those who still wish to fly can pay for themselves. Instead, students and teachers are encouraged to travel by public transport, such as by train or bus. "We try to travel only on regular public transport. Instead of having our own coach, we now use existing train and bus connections," explains Wacker. In addition, all faculty members are encouraged to stay in one place for as long as possible during a trip to avoid frequent hotel changes. He says these measures have received strong support throughout the faculty. "The new rule was passed by the Faculty Council with a clear majority, and we've received positive feedback."

Energy saving moves into focus

In addition to the focus on sustainability, close attention is also paid to methods for saving energy. "The University of Stuttgart has been obliged to save energy since fall 2022 for cost reasons; but focusing on reducing heat and power consumption also benefits the environment." For this reason, the working group formulates specific energy-saving tips and provides suggestions for an economical use of resources. For example, all radiators in the Pfaffenwaldring 7 building on Campus Vaihingen are to be equipped with adjustable thermostats. To implement this, the working group is in contact with Division 6 - Building Operations. Furthermore, members are also optimizing the faculty's waste concept together with the Safety Department, and they are looking for ways to save on lighting.

Together. Save energy!

Another initiative of the working group is to host regular events and lectures aimed at members of the university that seek to shine a light on sustainable topics, such as facade greening, or green design in general on the Vaihingen campus. "We want to set a positive example at the University of Stuttgart and hope to motivate colleagues and students to act in a more sustainable way," says Wacker.


Manfred Wacker, Institute for Road and Transport Science, e-mail, phone: +49 711 685 82481

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