July 16, 2018

Study abroad at the University of Virginia

Students at the University of Stuttgart can profit from the university’s partnership with the University of Virginia, one of the USA’s top state universities. Each year two bachelor or master’s students from the field of engineering sciences are offered the chance to study at the University of Virginia, without paying any study fees. The next application deadline is September 15, 2018.

From May 20 to June 15, 2018, the International Office welcomed a group of students from the University of Virginia to Stuttgart, for the tenth time. Accompanied by Professor Dana Elzey and Matt Jungclaus, 17 US American bachelor students came to the university to learn more about German technologies, particularly in the field of sustainability and renewable energies. Excursions and up-close practical experience were key aspects of this short visit. 

Site visits to Daimler AG and Ritter Sport GmbH (winner of the Sustainability Prize 2018) and excursions to medium-sized companies such as Schmalz AG, various other institutes and to the Bio-Energiehof in Weitenau offered the students in-depth insights into this field. In the case of the latter, the explosive characteristics of methane were demonstrated in a humorous way: the company owner used the gas to power a self-made cannon, using potatoes as ammunition, amazing students and professors alike. The participants of the GTP program were able to experience how economic, social and ecological sustainability are implemented in Germany – a country renowned for its work in this field. Their stay in Germany not only extended the cultural, but also the professional horizons of this group of students.

Information about the study abroad program USA and Canada

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