October 22, 2019 / Hkom

Social Media Ranking: the University of Stuttgart’s YouTube channel is ranked third

The uniRank YouTube University Ranking biannually rates universities based on their number of subscribers. The university of Stuttgart has been ranked third in Germany, behind the University of Constance and the University of Music Weimar.

Which German universities are the most popular on YouTube? uniRank tries to answer this question by regularly evaluating the YouTube channels of all German universities. In the October ranking 2019, the University of Stuttgart was ranked third, with currently around 10400 subscribers, behind the University of Constance and the University of Music Weimar. A total of around 8,100 YouTube channels from universities from 182 countries were evaluated. Approximately 300 German universities have a YouTube channel. Here is an overview of the best YouTube channels belonging to German Universities: https://www.4icu.org/youtube/de/

"We are very pleased that the videos from the University of Stuttgart are so popular. Our YouTube channel is not only an important instrument in our communication mix, it also serves as a moving-image platform for our scientists, who are responsible for sharing their research findings with wider society", explains the university’s spokesperson, Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer.

Some more information (status October 2019) about the University of Stuttgart’s YouTube channel:

Total number of subscribers: 10,400
Total number of videos released: 354
Total number of video views: 2,617,212 
Average number of views per video: 7,343

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