May 8, 2018, Nr. 41

Results of the CHE University Ranking 2018

The University of Stuttgart makes a convincing impression in the category of supporting students at the beginning of their studies

The subjects Technical Biology, Computer Science, Geodesy and Geoinformatics as well as Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart achieved the very top ranking in the category of “Supporting students at the beginning of their studies“, according to the recently published university ranking by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). In the category “Degrees within an appropriate period“ the faculties of Chemistry, Physics and Political Science /Social Sciences were able to make a convincing impression and are respectively represented in the top group. In addition students of chemistry value the relaying of specialist skills. Students of physics are very satisfied with the support provided in their studies.

In recent years the University of Stuttgart has continuously developed and extended its offers concerning everything to do with the start of studying. Study guides, learning rooms, qualified student advisory service, the courses preparing and accompanying studying by the MINT College Baden-Württemberg at the University of Stuttgart and further offers on orientation, consultation and qualification ensure an optimum initial study phase. In this respect the very good outcome achieved in the category “Supporting students at the beginning of their studies“ is hardly surprising. Various aspects on consultancy and orientation opportunities resp. possibilities of accompanying, individualisation and temporal flexibility of students and prospective students were summarised in the various phases of starting studying for this indicator. There were points for various offers for the three phases before starting studying, upon starting studying as well as in the first study year that are respectively allocated for the individual phases as well as ranking groups overall.     



Das CHE Hochschulranking

The current university ranking of CHE evaluated the following subjects at the universities in Baden-Württemberg: Biology / Biosciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geosciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, Physics, Political Science / Social Sciences, Sport / Sports Science, Sport Teaching Profession and Dental Medicine.   

Over 300 universities and universities of applied science were examined for the ranking and over 150,000 students were surveyed. Along with facts on studying, teaching and research, it comprises opinions by students on studying conditions at their universities. Each subject is newly evaluated every three years. The CHE university ranking is published in the current ZEIT Study Guide 2018/19. The ranking is also downloadable with immediate effect at ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE at

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