Joint finish with big group picture.

May 19, 2017, Nr. 37

Official Ceremony Germany Scholarship 2017

Getting to know each other and certificate presentation
[Picture: University of Stuttgart/Berger]

 Thanks to the renewed commitment of over 40 sponsors, around 200 students from the University of Stuttgart are delighted to receive a Germany Scholarship. On 18th May the sponsoring companies, foundations and private persons met together with their scholarship holders in “Haus der Wirtschaft”.

Lots of time for conversations and awarding the certificates was the focus of the festive event this time as well on the occasion of the award of the Germany Scholarships, for which a total of around 400 guests gathered.

Joint finish with big group picture.
Joint finish with big group picture.

At the beginning Rector Professor Wolfram Ressel in his welcoming speech officially thanked the sponsors for their commitment and congratulated the students who are being sponsored with a total of 300 Euros a month during the summer semester 2017 and the winter semester 2017/18 thanks to their above average achievements. 

Pillars of society 

In so doing Professor underlined how this achievement at the University of Stuttgart is defined: for example, along with excellent grades other qualities, for instance overcoming health or social hurdles as well as the commitment in special projects or for other people were also taken into account. 

Professor Ressel described both sides, the giving, sponsoring and those of the high-performing, committed students as the “pillars” of the scholarship. Their “material“ was special. It does not merely comprise pure input-output thinking but has something to do with strength, altruism, philanthropy or vision as well. And precisely this makes them valuable, supporting pillars of society in which we live. 

Good reasons to support bright minds and strong personalities 

Some sponsors also greeted the assembled group and gave insights into the motives that moved them to award the scholarships:   

For Martin Horn, Head of Recruiting & Vocational Training from Lufthansa Technik AG, it is the hope that is at the forefront of making contact with potential young talent for the company – to whose Supervisory Board Jürgen Weber, Alumnus of the University, also belongs.

Ingo Smit, Chairman of the Board at Schauffler Foundation, in contrast explained that the foundation wanted to gift all sponsored students a “little bit of freedom” in their mostly stressful everyday student lives, “time to pursue their interests and to be able to develop a bit”.   

Similarly Stephan Keck, patent lawyer and partner of Witte Weller & Partner Patentanwälte mbB also explained: he described curiosity and tenacity as important characteristics of researchers who improve the world with their inventions. With the scholarships awarded by the law practice, the company wanted to allow these characteristics space in which they are able to develop.

Further information on the sponsor program:


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