July 25, 2018, Nr. 73

Number of applications for the winter semester 2018/19 again below the highest level of the peak years

Declines and increases in individual subjects

After the application figure records from the years 2013 to 2017, the University of Stuttgart recorded a decline in the applications for the winter semester 2018/19, as was already the case in the previous year. This represents a continuation of the trend. Nationwide universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg also recorded a decline in applications. With 30,026 (previous year 35,644) the number of overall applications submitted to the University of Stuttgart by the closing date of 15th July had fallen off noticeably by 16 percent. Especially with applications for first semester Bachelor courses this figure was 12 percent. Around 9,800 applications came from countries outside of Europe. The frontrunners with the degree courses remained the same as the previous year: number one is the Master degree course Business Administration (1,457 applications), followed by the Bachelor degree courses Mechanical Engineering (1,069), Technically-oriented Business Administration (919) as well as Aerospace Engineering (861).

The Bachelor degree course Computer Engineering increased, reaching 4th place with 754 applications (previous year 680). In contrast a marked decline could be seen with the Bachelor degree course Automotive and Engine Technology with 456 applications (previous year 717). In contrast Automotive and Engine Technology increased as a Master degree course with 495 applications (previous year 476). Increases in Master courses could also be seen in the degree course Mechanical Engineering (749, previous year 681) and Electromobility (323, previous year 273).

Of the countries of origin with the international applications (non EU) China traditionally takes first place (2,826), followed by India (1,720), Turkey (938), Iran (444), Syria (347), Pakistan (341) and Egypt (368).

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