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May 26, 2017, Nr. 038

New studies and further education offers at the University of Stuttgart: From sport to acoustics

[Picture: Uli Regenscheit]

Prospective students can choose from an extended range of courses at the University of Stuttgart from the winter semester 2017/18: new courses offered by the program are two Bachelor degree courses and one Master degree course in the field of Sport and Movement Sciences as well as an extra-occupational Master online course in Acoustics. In the course of converting the teacher training courses to the Bachelor-Master system, 13 teacher training Master degree courses (Master of Education, M.Ed.) will also be introduced.

The Bachelor degree course in Movement Science aims at conveying biological, biochemical, movement science and simulation knowledge of the human movement system and its transfer to technical systems. The whole range of subjects includes the specialist disciplines of biomechanics, trainings science, modelling and simulation, sport medicine, motor skills and psychology. The curriculum aims at describing the mechanisms of human movement on the basis of a primarily natural science viewpoint in an exemplary way and transferring this knowledge to diverse areas of application, such as orthopaedics or sports equipment technology. Furthermore, physiological adjustment mechanisms to regular movements (for example strain) are conveyed.

Further information: https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/studium/studienangebot/studiengang/Bewegungswissenschaft_B.Sc./

The Bachelor degree course in Sports Science: sociology and management focuses the development of sport in modern society. With the bundling of sports science and business knowledge skills, it is directed at people who would like to qualify for managerial positions in sports-related organisations, such as for example clubs, associations, companies and municipalities. They are given an introduction to the various sub-disciplines of sports science, acquire a sound knowledge in the field of the sociology of sports and sports management and in addition gain insights into questions of sport and association law as well as the basics of business administration.    

Further information: https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/studium/studienangebot/studiengang/Sportwissenschaft_Soziologie_und_Management_B.A./

The Master degree course “Sports Science: sociology and management” ties in with the Bachelor degree of the same name and aims at conveying in-depth sport sociological, sport management and business know-how. The students acquire professional competences in order to be able to manage sport-related organisations in a responsible and targeted way. This includes the topics of organisational sociology and organisational development, sport sponsoring and marketing as well as business knowledge in the fields of information management, controlling, marketing, organisation and international management.

Further information: https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/studium/studienangebot/studiengang/Sportwissenschaft_Soziologie_und_Management_M.A./

 The degree courses “Movement Science B.Sc.“ as well as “Sports Science: sociology and management“ (B. A. und M.A.) will replace the current degree course “Sports Science”.

The extra-occupational Master degree course: Online Acoustics focuses on questions related to acoustics, requirements and demands that are part of everyday life in companies and engineering offices throughout all sectors but also in authorities and institutions. The spectrum of subjects ranges from noise protection to acoustic product design. Engineers with acoustic tasks from the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and engine technology, aerospace, electrical engineering as well as civil and environmental engineering in particular will be addressed. 

Through the approach of blended learning, the degree course offers a high degree of flexibility and can be completed irrespective of place and time. During the semester attendance and online phases will alternate, whereby the focal point will be online phases in order to strengthen the extra-occupational character. Fees will be charged for the course.

Further information: https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/studium/studienangebot/studiengang/Akustik_M.Ac.x_MasterxOnline_xberufsbegleitendx/

Introduction of the teacher training Master degree course
Two years ago the teacher training degree courses in Baden-Württemberg were converted to the Bachelor-Master system. The first step saw the Bachelor degree courses introduced for the winter semester 2015/16 and now the Master degree courses (M.Ed.) for the winter semester 2017/18. At the University of Stuttgart this refers to the subjects of chemistry, German, English, French, history, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences and technology, philosophy/ethics, physics, political science, sport as well as economics.

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