Major improvement in the international sustainability ranking

December 11, 2023

QS World University Ranking: Sustainability 2024 - The University of Stuttgart has moved up in the ranking by more than 120 places, placing it firmly in the top 17 percent of universities worldwide in terms of sustainability work in research, teaching and society.

The University of Stuttgart came 240th in this year's international QS sustainability ranking. This is an improvement of more than 120 place compared to the previous year.

"This is a major improvement in the QS sustainability ranking and shows recognition of our many efforts to make the University of Stuttgart more sustainable and to become climate-neutral by 2030. In line with our strategic goal, we want to make a meaningful contribution to the future viability of our society together with all members of the university. Our Green Office, which we set up in 2021, supports us in this," emphasizes Professor Manfred Bischoff, Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers and Sustainability Officer at the University of Stuttgart.

The University of Stuttgart made particularly impressive progressive in the "Environmental Impact" category.  It ranked 150th in this category in an international comparison. The "Environmental Impact" measures the extent to which a university integrates environmental and sustainability aspects into its overall strategy, research, and teaching.

About the QS World University Ranking: Sustainability

1,403 universities were listed in the second edition of the ranking. In addition to doubling the number of universities ranked, the methodology was also changed. The QS World University Ranking: Sustainability evaluates universities in terms of their sustainability work in research, teaching and society in an overall ranking as well as in the three categories "Social Impact", "Environmental Impact" and now also "Governance".

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