Forscherin an der Universität Stuttgart: Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy

September 10, 2018

Introducing: Female researchers at the University of Stuttgart

Jr.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy researches biobased materials and material cycles in architecture (BioMat).
[Picture: Martin Stollberg]

The Department for Biobased Materials and Material Cycles in Architecture (BioMat), founded by Hanaa Dahy, combines the fields of design, sustainable material development, bionics, spatial implementation and intelligent systems in architecture. BioMat offers architecture students and industrial partners the opportunity to be involved in current research in the field of sustainable and intelligent building systems, with the aim of investigating various aspects of sustainability in architecture.

Personal information:
Hanaa Dahy is an architect. She obtained her doctoral degree at the University of Stuttgart in 2014. She studied “Architectural Engineering” in Cairo from 2003-2006, and obtained a Master’s degree with distinction. In 2003 she founded her own architecture practice in Cairo and has worked there until 2009.  As part of her junior professorship, Dahy founded the department “Biobased Materials and Material Cycles in Architecture” in 2016, based at the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design. She has registered patents both internationally and in Europe and won the Materialica Award for Design + Technology and the Material Award from the Design Center Baden Württemberg, amongst other titles.

About the series “Female Researchers at the University of Stuttgart”
This series was created by the Gender Equality Unit at the University of Stuttgart.

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