Global Day of Parents: Studying with two children

May 25, 2023 / Christina Fischer

Marie Juliane Stamna is a single mother and studies at the University of Stuttgart. On the occasion of the United Nations Global Day of Parents, we asked her some questions.

"Balancing work, study and family is part of our university strategy," says Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector at the University of Stuttgart. But to what extent does the university live up to this claim?

 June 1 is the Global Day of parents, established by the UN to recognize and honor "that the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children". 

Marie Juliane Stamna deserves special recognition for this responsibility. She is the mother of two school-age children and is studying at the University of Stuttgart "in the final stages," as she says. Her ability to study at university relies on being able to take breaks, and also on the understanding and flexibility of her lecturers. Nevertheless, she is very grateful that she was able to take this route - despite all the hurdles - and that she received support, not only from the university but also from the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. 

Studying with two children

Source: YouTube

Information about what is on offer to ensure a family-friendly university experience.

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