German university champion in gymnastics

July 18, 2017

German university champion in gymnastics

On July 7, 27 athletes, referees and coaches attended the German University Championships (DHM) in Würzburg, accompanied by 13 fans of the University of Stuttgart.
[Picture: University of Stuttgart / Hochschulsport]

The University of Stuttgart’s first DHM women’s team

This year was particularly gratifying because for the first time, a small DHM women’s team was able to enter the competition, comprising Pia Pohl, Alessa Maisch, Lara Rüping and Anna-Sophia Müller. They were awarded 8th place from 12 strong teams.

Defending the title of German Champion

The men’s team, who won second place last year, entered the competition with the four competitors Fabian Geyer, Yasin el Azzazy, Hanno Müller and Jan-Moritz Bortt to challenge a number of top-class athletes taking part in the competition.

Competing against 79 male DHM competitors, Fabian Grey put in an impressive performance to win bronze in the individual rankings. The Stuttgart team won gold at the end of the first day of the competition, making this WG Stuttgart‘s fifth German championship title since 2004.

A Successful ADH Cup

The ADH Cup took place on the following day. This year, the women’s team managed to increase their number to 8 competitors, Antonija Leko, Büsra Celik, Katharina Muth, Leonie Egenberger, Lucia Theurer, Maja, Simon and Nora Haas and achieved 23rd place.

The men’s team also boasted 8 competitors, Deniz Bulut, Dominik Braun, Fabian Borowiak, Fabio Sterrantino, Florian Stockburger, Ralf Baumann, Robin Dürr and Yamandu Eckstein. They managed to climb up three places in comparison to last year to reach 6th place.

Fabian Geyer delivered an exciting performance on the floor, horse and vault to win second place; the perfect accompaniment to his gold and bronze medals from the day before.

Up next, the Summer Universade in Taipeh

And this summer’s sporting highlights are far from over. Kim Bui, a Technical Biology student at the University of Stuttgart, will once more be representing Germany and the University of Stuttgart at the Summer Universade. She also competed successfully last year in the women’s gymnastics team at the Olympic Games in Rio.

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