March 4, 2021

Digital Innovator Award for the University of Stuttgart

Honored as an institution driving the digital revolution forward

The technology magazine CHIP evaluated patents from around the world which were registered by German applicants between 2017 and 2019, and took a closer look at those related to digital innovation. After extensive analysis, 186 out of a total of 2175 companies and organizations were considered as being particularly innovative. This included the University of Stuttgart as well as six other TU9 universities.

It shouldn’t surprise anybody that innovation plays an important role at the University of Stuttgart. The University supports business start-ups through a wide range of funding programs, and provides help to talented young people who want to bring an innovative idea to the market. As part of this analysis however, the yardstick for measuring innovation wasn’t start-ups but patents. As part of an IP strategy developed in-house, in 2015 the University of Stuttgart stipulated new procedures for dealing with intellectual property, particularly with inventions and trademark rights, shortly after the Department of Knowledge and Technology Transfer was set up in the Rectorate. Prof. Peter Middendorf, who as Vice Rector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer is an active proponent of the digital revolution, is happy about the award, and sees it as an acknowledgment of having implemented the IP strategy successfully. Dr. Simone Rehm, Vice Rector for Information Technology, is also happy that the University of Stuttgart stands out from its peers in the field of digital innovation in particular, since “Anywhere where digital innovation is a top priority also has a favorable climate for implementing digital process innovations.”


This image showsHans-Herwig  Geyer

Hans-Herwig Geyer

Head of University Communi­ca­tions and Press Spokesperson

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