CHE Ranking for Master Programs: Students enrolled on electrical engineering and information technology courses are particularly satisfied

November 24, 2022

The CHE Ranking for Master Programs 2022, published on November 21, 2022, shows that many Master's students are very happy with their course.

For the CHE Master Ranking 2022, 10,000 students were surveyed on various criteria relating to their studies, as well as indicators relating to teaching and research. New subjects included in the ranking were engineering and psychology. Electrical engineering and information technology at the University of Stuttgart did particularly well.

General study conditions, teaching and support all received very good ratings

Master's students at the University of Stuttgart are particularly satisfied with general study program conditions, the range of courses and the support provided by lecturers in the subjects of electrical engineering and information technology. These subjects also received a very good rating for contact to professional practice.

The master's students in aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart praise the range of courses and the excellent transition to the master's program. In the subject of environmental engineering, the study program support is rated as very good.

In the field of research, the subjects civil engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and process engineering achieved top rankings in the category "doctorates per professor". Aerospace engineering also received a top ranking for research funds per scientist

Digital teaching included for the first time

For the CHE Master's Ranking, Master's students evaluate overall conditions on their study program on the basis of, among other things, the general study conditions, the courses offered, study program organization, and the academic relevance, which includes opportunities for in-depth scientific work and the presence of innovative research in the Master's program. For the first time, students also assessed the use of digital teaching elements. Together, the student evaluations and facts about research and teaching provide a comprehensive overview of general study conditions in the master's programs in the subjects evaluated. This enables bachelor graduates to make an informed decision about master's study programs. 

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