May 9, 2017, Nr. 034

Business Students very satisfied

University of Stuttgart scores in CHE Ranking

Business students at the University of Stuttgart are very satisfied with their overall study situation. This is the result of the current CHE University Ranking published in the new ZEIT Student’s Guide 2017/18. The faculty receives top scores in this category, and also in the categories “Curriculum range”, “Degree within appropriate timeframe”, and “Support for beginning students”. Within the categories, the criteria Feasibility of studies, Supervision and Exams, and Academic Approach were ranked particularly high.

The degree in Business Information Systems offered jointly by the Universities of Stuttgart and Hohenheim scores among the top schools in the category “Scientific Publications”.

The results of the University Ranking by the Center for University Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung, CHE) will be published on 9 May 2017 in the new ZEIT Student’s Guide 2017/18. Every year, one third of the subjects are re-evaluated. In 2017 this includes Law, Social Studies, Economics, Business Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Business Law, and Economic Sciences. The study examined more than 300 universities and colleges in the German-speaking region.

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