Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart excels in CHE ranking

May 5, 2020, Nr. 28

The general study situation and support at the beginning of the study program reach top positions

Top positions for the Business Administration study program at the University of Stuttgart: In the current CHE University Ranking, the students of business administration at the University of Stuttgart rated their general study situation ‘very good’. Top ratings were given, among other things, for the supervision by the lecturers, the support during studies, the range of courses, study organization, examinations, libraries and IT infrastructure, the strong academic approach, and career counseling services.

The University of Stuttgart also made it into the top group in the second-level evaluation “Support at the beginning of university studies”, where the Business Administration study program reached 10 out of 14, and the Information Systems study program reached 9 out of 12 points. The decisive factor in both areas was, in particular, the criterion “harmonization of skills / competence development”, which includes, among other things, preparatory and bridging courses before the start of the university studies, study-program-related supplementary courses for harmonizing subject-specific skills, virtual learning centers, and feedback about learning success. Since 2001, the University of Stuttgart and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have been running the MINT College Baden-Wuerttemberg (MINT being the German term for STEM) to prepare new students for the STEM disciplines in mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, and engineering, and to support them in the introductory phase of their university studies.

The CHE ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed university ranking in the German-speaking countries, with about 120,000 students surveyed and more than 300 universities and higher education institutions examined and compared, including universities of applied sciences / technical colleges, as well as cooperative state universities and vocational training academies. This year, study programs in business administration, economics, economic sciences, information systems, industrial engineering, business law, social work, law, and - for the first time - business psychology were examined.




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