119 of the world's most cited researchers are from Stuttgart

January 25, 2024

Which researchers' publications were cited particularly frequently in 2022? The update from the Stanford/Elsevier citation database names 119 scientists from the University of Stuttgart who are among the top two percent worldwide in their field.
[Picture: Elsevier]

The latest update of a database published by Elsevier provides information on the most cited researchers in 2022 for each scientific field, including extensive figures on publications, citations, self-citation rates, and indices. The dataset contains more than 200,000 authors and takes into account the different publication cultures of the individual subject areas by including the top 2 percent of the world's most frequently cited researchers in their field in the list.

These include 119 academics from the University of Stuttgart, which are spread across a total of 12 departments and listed as follows.

Discipline Number of scientists at the University of Stuttgart in the top 2%
Physics & Astronomy 35
Engineering 21
Enabling & Strategic Technologies 16
Chemistry 12
Information & Communication Technologies 11
Biomedical Research 7
Mathematics & Statistics 7
Built Environment & Design 3
Clinical Medicine 3
Psychology & Cognitive Sciences 2
Economics & Business 1
Philosophy & Theology 1
Total number 119

Strong individual performances in a global comparison

Over 20 percent of the University of Stuttgart's current faculty members are accounted for.

The researchers from the University of Stuttgart, active in the year under review, are listed below as the most frequently cited in their respective fields (in alphabetical order):


occupies place ... of the world's...most cited scientists in the field of ...
Allgöwer, Frank 605 of 106.863 in Industrial Engineering & Automation
Bárdossy, András 148 of 57.175 in Environmental Engineering
Birkmann, Joern 41 of 21.624 in Strategic, Defence & Security Studies
Brem, Alexander 209 of 52.318 in Business & Management
Brink, Stephan ten 310 of 197.500 in Networking & Telecommunications
Buchmeiser, Michael R. 345 of 108.979 in Polymers
Bulling, Andreas 60 of 14.370 in Human Factors
Bürkner, Paul Christian 26 of 21.194 in Statistics & Probability
Dressel, Martin 1595 of 295.432 in Applied Physics
Giessen, Harald 205 of 64.789 in Optics
Hauer, Bernhard 570 of 161.671 in Organic Chemistry
Hilfer, Rudolf 277 of 50.409 in Fluids & Plasmas
Jeltsch, Albert 334 of 204.091 in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Kaim, Wolfgang 70 of 72.729 in Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry
Kästner, Johannes 271 of 100.804 in Chemical Physics
Kontermann, Roland E. 646 of 147.556 in Immunology
Liu, Na 474 of 117.692 in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Lutz, Eric 191 of 73.580 in General Physics
Menges, Achim 2 of 1.681 in Architecture
Seifert, Udo 17 of 50.409 in Fluids & Plasmas
Speck, Thomas 253 of 50.409 in Fluids & Plasmas
Steinwart, Ingo 1578 of 356.955 in Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Weitkamp, Jens 127 of 38.735 in Physical Chemistry
Werner, Hans Joachim 97 of 100.804 in Chemical Physics
Wrachtrup, Jörg 371 of 295.432 in Applied Physics
Yang, Bin 335 of 197.500 in Networking & Telecommunications

More names of top-cited scientists can be found in the database.

The University would like to congratulate these and all other researchers on their success!

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