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College Building IV

General information to accessibility

Address: Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24c , 70173 Stuttgart
Further Names: Kollegiengebäude IV, (K IV, Siemens Building)

The building is partially accessible.

The 4-story building houses the Staff Council, the Central Administration (the Stadtmitte branches of the Examination Office, the Admissions Office, the Student Counseling Center, Division II - International Office and the deputy commissioner for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses: Division 6 - Engineering and Constructions, the Central Procurement Office, the Internal Audit, the university's motor pool), the Youth and Trainees Council (JAV) and the Café Faust.


The main entrance is not wheelchair-accessible due to steps, the entrance doors can only be opened with great effort. Wheelchair users can access the building through the main entrance of house B. To do this, please take the elevator to the mezzanine floor of house B (which corresponds to the ground floor of house C), to the 1st floor or to the 2nd floor. (Please note: The clear opening width is 83 cm.) There is a connection of all parts of the building on the 2nd floor. From the courtyard, you can also reach the 1st floor using the freight elevator.

There are two main entrances: one at each corner of the small parking lot on the south side of the building.

Entrance doors and fire doors in the hallways (only in some cases open) are poorly contrasted. Inadequately marked steps. The hallways and stairwells are poorly lit. Highly reflective signs / information boards. The building is very labyrinthine and some of the room numbers are not easy to find.

There is a parking lot of the university in front of the building, and two public parking spaces along Keplerstrasse (in front of no. 17 Keplerstrasse).

A freight elevator in house C connects the 1st floor, the courtyard, and the Café Faust on the 2nd basement floor. The elevator car is mirrored, but it has a depth of only 1.20 m. Other floors are accessible only with a key. The elevators in house B have limited accessibility and are mirrored. However, an electric wheelchair may be too wide for a clear opening width of just 83 cm (left elevator) and 80 cm (right elevator), respectively. The elevator lobby has sufficient turning space. However, the elevator button is mounted very high.

The entrance door on the left is not automated and can only be opened with effort. Only house B has automatic entrance doors. The doors in the hallways can only be opened with great effort.

There is a wheelchair accessible restroom on the ground floor, which can also be reached via the mezzanine floor of house B (freely accessible). The door to the stairwell / elevator area in house B is not automated.

Contact in case of emergency: from 4 p.m.: Security guard Securitas
Emergency number: +49 172 724 2082 or +49 711 685-83200


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