This image shows: Böblinger Straße 74

Böblinger Straße 74

General information to accessibility

Address: Böblinger Str. 74, 70199 Stuttgart
Further Names: gatehouse

The building is partially accessible.

In the single-story gatehouse you can find the caretaker's office and the accessible restroom of the premises.


The nearest public transport stop is Erwin-Schöttle-Platz (lines U1, U9 U34, 42, N10). The main entrance can be reached via a wheelchair-accessible ramp. The entrance door is automated.

The main entrance is accessible from the courtyard and is located on the east side of the building, right at the gate.

Step markings are either missing or badly worn. There is no tactile paving in the courtyard of the Böblingerstrasse complex.

There is a public parking space in front of no. 6 Schreiberstrasse.

Not available.

The main entrance door is automated.

There is an accessible restroom on the ground floor.

Contact in case of emergency: from 4 p.m.: Security guard Securitas
Emergency number: +49 172 724 2082 or +49 711 685-83200



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