Symbolbild Studiengang Renewable Energy Engineering

Final Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Renewable Energy Engineering

Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Start of studies: winter semester
Teaching Language: German
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This study program is not being offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

Renewal energies and processes for boosting energy efficiency are technologies of the future in great demand. The study program is a challenging engineering program which lays the broad foundations of the relationships and concepts involved in energy conversion. The program provides an overview of the entire renewable energies field and delves deeply into two forms of renewables from the areas of electric, thermal, or kinetic energy systems. Another important theme covered is that of integration with the existing energy supply structure.

The focus is on solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, wind energy, hydropower, biomass and grid integration. The study program will prepare you for multiple fields of activity in this growth industry.

Engineering Sciences

Duration: 2:42 | Source: YouTube
  • You enjoy technology, innovative ideas, and solutions.
  • You are prepared to independently immerse yourself in a field, acquire knowledge and apply it.
  • Very helpful will be having good school grades in mathematics and physics.
  • While knowledge of English is less important at the start, it will increasingly be taken for granted as you progress in your studies. 
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