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Final Degree: Master of Science 


Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Start of studies: Winter semester (special deadlines for application)
Teaching Language: English

PHYSICS is a highly competitive, two-year international master's study program with a strong focus on research. The collaboration between the University of Stuttgart’s Department of Physics and the Max Planck Institutes for Solid State Research and Intelligent Systems ensures an excellent education in general physics.
We offer a vibrant learning environment for young physicists from all over the world who are striving to become well-equipped for a career in science.

  • A qualified Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with excellent results
  • An official English proficiency certificate (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS or CPE)

Study schedule

Module Guide

The Module Guide describes the modules and the required courses belonging to the module.

  • The Module Guide (also called module handbook) is published in the Campus Management System C@MPUS [de] (please click as follows: choose the degree - click on the book behind the study program's name).


Keine Vorpraktika erforderlich

The exam regulation is only availabe in German since it is an official document.
The examination regulations (in German: Prüfungsordnungen) include a survey of the required modules.

PHYSICS - Master of Science

Prüfungsordnung 7/7/14
Alte Prüfungsordnung

Die genauen Übergangsbestimmungen finden Sie in der neuen Prüfungsordnung vom 07. Juli 2014.

Prüfungsordnung 8/30/07
Erste Satzung zur Änderung der Prüfungsordnung 4/20/09
Satzung über die Änderung der Prüfungsordnungen zur Anpassung an die Lissabon-Konvention (§ 36a LHG) 3/11/13
Admission Restrictions
  • A qualified bachelor degree in Physics or an equivalent degree in Physics or in a related field of study
  • Local admission restriction

The complete information on the admission process, required knowledge of English, and the criteria for the assessment of professional suitability can be found in the admission regulations.

Language requirements
  • Very good knowledge of English, non-Native speakers need a language certificate (TOEFL or equivalent test results) as proof.
  • Successful participation in the intensive German language course offered before the first semester. Students with very good knowledge of the German language can get exempted from the Intensive Course.
    Further information by the Department of Physics.

Closing Date

Deadline: 1st March for the next winter semester


PHYSICS graduates mainly pursue academic careers at Universities and research laboratories, but some also choose professional paths in computer companies, management consultancies or in the field of telecommunications.

The quality of this degree program has been certified.