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Staatsexamen Teaching Qualification 

Politics / Economics

Standard Period of Study: 10 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

In this State Examination for Teachers study program in politics / economics (for GymPO), students gain knowledge and competences in both subjects, in subject pedagogy, and through placement in a school during the school practice semester. Political science residing in the Institute for Social Sciences implies a socioscientific self-concept and the methods that go with it. The Stuttgart study program accordingly is set up to be more empirical than hermeneutic.

The study program has four components: “Analysis and comparison of political systems,” “the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany,” “political theory,” and “international relations.” These are complemented by select topics from neighboring disciplines of political science (law, history, or sociology). In the economics realm, basic relationships of political economics and business economics are inculcated. Building on this, in business economics, you will delve deeply into the management functions of organization, human resources, and production. In political economics, in addition to microeconomic examination of links between and functioning of goods, labor, and capital markets, you will also cover how these markets interdepend on the macroeconomic level.  

This study program requires that you have an interest in social and political questions and a good knowledge of English. In addition, it assumes an interest in teaching political science and economics and their respective modes of thinking in the classroom.

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