Photonic Engineering

Master of Science 

Start of studies: winter or summer semester
Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

We live in the age of the photon: Optical technologies play a key role in almost all areas of life today: Modern communication methods, consumer electronics, automotive engineering, and medical technology products are no longer conceivable without the use of photonic components and methods. Specialists in the field of photonics - the “science of light” - are therefore indispensable for the development of modern products for the markets of today and the day after tomorrow. As cross-disciplinary scientists, photonics engineers have the necessary knowledge of the physical nature of light, but also practical knowledge of optical components and their possible applications. Research and training in the field of photonics is therefore highly interdisciplinary.

The interdisciplinary master’s degree program "Photonic Engineering" was established at the Stuttgart Research Center of Photonic Engineering (SCoPE). The SCoPE research center is a cross-faculty institution and combines twelve photonics research institutes at the University of Stuttgart.

Therefore, the new SCoPE master’s degree program "Photonic Engineering" is located in an environment that is ideal for the training of distinguished specialists in the rapidly expanding field of optical technologies.

Photonics is the science of generating, modulating, transmitting, and measuring light. The master's degree program in Photonic Engineering combines the basic scientific knowledge gained from physics with the application-oriented methods of engineering in photonics to develop new, future-oriented technologies.

An adaptation module at the beginning of the study program provides a solid knowledge basis in the physical and technical fundamentals of optics. It facilitates entry to the program for holders of Bachelor’s degrees in physics and engineering sciences (such as electrical or mechanical engineering) and other related subjects.

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