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Staatsexamen Teaching Qualification 

Philosophy / Ethics

Standard Period of Study: 10 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

The strengths of the Stuttgart Institute of Philosophy lie in how it marries basic research and practical application in the areas of epistemology and philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, esthetics, philosophy of mind, language and culture, ethics and political philosophy. During your studies, you will refine your philosophical methods and learn on your own initiative how to insert yourself in the research discourses in these areas.

You should not shy away from long texts, should work and think carefully, analytically, and creatively. In discourse with your fellow students, argue effectively for your interests in classical, modern and own theories. You do not need prior philosophical knowledge but must be interested in contemporary social questions, and, in general, be curious plus have a flair for language.

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