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Bachelor of Science 


Start of studies: winter semester
Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

Mathematics is an exact science and one of the most creative activities the human mind can do. Mathematics is a forward-looking field, rooted in two and a half thousand years of history. Mathematics is the theoretical base for many disciplines, responsible for securely transporting data via the internet, squeezing many hours of music onto the smallest device, or helping to simulate complex situations. The clarity of thought and the broad range between abstract principles and fixed applications don’t only make mathematics an exciting and fascinating subject, they also ensure that our graduates enjoy a wealth of professional opportunities.

The Bachelor’s study program provides a deep understanding of basic mathematical principles and ensures that students can confidently use mathematical tools both in theory and in practice. Students can select their lectures from the fields of science, information technology, and engineering sciences, philosophy and natural science, ensuring that the study program meets individual interests.

Explanation: What is higher mathematics?

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Mathematics is a demanding subject that is very different from math lessons at school. The most important prerequisites for studying mathematics are that the candidate enjoys math and thinking through problems, as well as having a talent for precision and abstract thinking, and a desire to really get to the root of the problem. The study program is particularly hard work at the beginning and demands endurance and the ability to not get frustrated easily.


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Contact for further questions

Friederike Stoll

Friederike Stoll

Studiengangsmanagerin B.Sc./M.Sc./BA-Lehramt/M.Ed. Mathematik

Bernard Haasdonk
Prof. Dr.

Bernard Haasdonk

Head of Group
Dean of Studies (B.Sc./M.Sc. Mathematik)

Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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