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Master of Business Engineering (study while working) 

Logistics Management

Master:Online – study while working

Start of studies: winter or summer semester
Standard Period of Study: 8 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

Logistics work in all its aspects is becoming more complex and changing continuously. The Logistics Management MASTER:ONLINE study program offers the chance to gain comprehensive knowledge of organizing logistics operations as well as ability to plan, control, and optimize them. Practically-oriented planning games convey vocational industry knowledge but also specialist knowledge.

The MASTER: ONLINE Logistics Management study program is designed for individuals who, while working in responsible positions. want to continue their education at the same time. The study contents consist of specialized topics in and key competences required for logistics   

For those exclusively interested in specialized topics, we offer the alternative of choosing individual part-time course modules from our comprehensive offerings. Participants receive certificates that can be credited to further studies.


The quality of this degree program has been certified.

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Silke Hartmann

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