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Information for students on Information Technology (INFOTECH).

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Master of Science 

Information Technology (INFOTECH)

Start of studies: Winter semester (special deadlines for application)
Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: English

Information Technology is not only enabling technology but also a driving force behind our society‘s transformation towards an "information society". Computer, Communications, Micro- and Optoelectronics, Embedded Systems and their interaction as well as Computer Hard- or Software represent the technological building blocks, which are based on extensive research, to create solutions for the people of the information age.

The INFOTECH Master's program provides a unique blend of Computer Science and Electronics/Information Engineering courses within one program, enriched by non-technical courses that enable interdisciplinary education and the training of fundamental methods and scientific skills for research and development in information technology.

The Master’s program INFOTECH

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Prospective students require a Bachelor of Science degree (or similar) of an at least three-year course of study in the fields of Computer Science, Communications, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology or Automation.

Admission Restrictions
  • Degree in a Bachelor of Science study program or another first degree from university in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology or another study program with similar content and qualified exam results
  • Local admission restriction
  • An institute-specific selection process

The complete information on the admission process, required knowledge of English, and the criteria for the assessment of professional suitability can be found in the admission regulations.

Language requirements
  • Good knowledge of English, proven with a language certificate
    The study program is being taught in English.

February 15 for a start of studies in September (of the same year).

Holders of Bachelor degrees from European countries are granted a later application deadline until 15-Jul-2019. For further information please refer to the program website.

Graduates will find employment opportunities in research and development (R&D), technical management or business sectors of industrial companies around the globe or continue with their scientific qualification towards a doctoral degree.

As all Master's programs, this degree allows for pursuing a dissertation or further habilitation. For non-EU nationals it is the key for a work permit.

How is the program structured?


The Module Guide describes the modules and the required courses belonging to the module.

  • The Module Guide (also called module handbook) is also published in the Campus Management System C@MPUS [de] (please click as follows: choose the degree - click on the book behind the study program's name).


The quality of this degree program has been certified.


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