The StudiTicket for bus and train

You can buy various types of tickets for using Stuttgart's public transit. The StudiTicket comes with some special advantages.

Since Stuttgart has a very extensive public transit system you probably will not need a car. In most cases, you will be much better off using the bus or rail. Get all the information you need on schedules and routes at the websites of Stuttgart Public Transit (VVS) and Deutschen Bahn (DB).

To the downtown campus, take

  • Tram lines U1, U2, U9 und U14 the stop "Börsenplatz"
  • Bus lines 40 und 42 to the stop "Katharinenhospital" or line 43 to the stop "Linden-Museum"
  • Any S-Bahn line to the stops "Hauptbahnhof (tief)" or "Stadtmitte"

To the Vaihingen campus, take the S-Bahn lines S1, S2, und S3 to the stop "Universität".

What is a StudiTicket?

This is the discount transit pass available to students enrolled at the University of Stuttgart. Buying one is entirely the student’s choice. The pass is good for one semester (April to September or October to March) on all S-Bahns, city trams and buses throughout the VVS system.

Who needs a StudiTicket?

Any student who wants to use Stuttgart public transit before 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Can I also use my student ID ECUS as a VVS pass?

No, but in conjunction with VVS semester stamps and an official photo ID you can use the VVS on Mon-Fri from 6 p.m. until close of operations and all day on weekends and public holidays. The ECUS must be carried with you.
You can print VVS semester stamp free of charge from the SSB website, or download it to your mobile phone using the app. Printing/downloading is possible from March/September for the following semester and can be carried out with (for printing or downloading) or without registering (print only, not download) on the SSB website.

Further information is published on the ECUS website (in the window "functions").

Where do I buy a StudiTicket?

We recommend you order it online, then print it or download it to your smartphone (for which you will need the SSB or VVS app). You must already be enrolled as a student before you can order the pass.

You can also buy your StudiTicket at an SSB customer center but you will need a VVS Combi Pass (Verbundpass) to do so. You can apply for one either at the customer center or online.

If you do not yet have StudiTicket and/or student ID, you will need to use a different type of ticket [de]; a single ticket for a one-way trip. But if you commute often, we recommend a 4-trip ticket or a day pass. Be sure to pay attention in which zones [de] you will be riding in as this determines the ticket price.

Particularly international students will probably want to profit from their stay in Stuttgart to travel in Germany and Europe. Reasonably-priced travel options in Germany include rail, ride sharing, intercity buses or car sharing:

  • Travelling by train in Germany is comfortable and convenient but can be pricey. Look into offers such as discount tickets starting 29 euro, Bahncard 25 and 50 discount pricing, the Nice Weekend ticket, the Baden-Wuerttemberg ticket and InterRail.
  • Intercity buses are very reasonable but travel times may be longer.
  • Ridesharing centers are agencies that help organize ride sharing for longer distances.
  • Carsharing is available in most towns in Germany.
  • Car rental may be expensive, but its offers the most flexibility.
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