Apartments and rooms for students

Finding a room or an apartment of your own or to share with others in Stuttgart can be difficult. We provide some helpful hints on this page on how to go about finding a place to live.

The following tips and links will help you to find a place to live in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. It is best to start looking even before you have been accepted onto a study program. This increases the chances of finding suitable accommodation right at the start of your studies.

Different places to live

Das Studierendenwohnhaus „Rosensteinstraße“
The student dormitory 'Rosensteinstraße' is located in Stuttgart-North

Get started on your search by making inquiries with the Housing Section of Studend Services Stuttgart and applying there for a place to live. This is best done before you begin your studies. Student Services also offers barrier-free apartments [de] for disabled students and two-room apartments [de] for students with children. In total, Student Services Stuttgart maintains 35 residential buildings with more than 6800 rooms located downtown, on the Vaihingen campus, in Ludwigsburg, Esslingen, and Göppingen.

The Vereinigung Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime e.V. offers 2,578 residential spaces in seven halls of residence on the university campus Stuttgart – Vaihingen and on the Stadtmitte campus.

Vereinigung Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime e.V. [de]

In addition to the Vereinigung Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime e.V., there are even more hostels owned by private or clerical providers. You can find out more about this option on the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Private providers

Spending only a few days in Stuttgart? Stay at reasonable rates in the International Student Hotel of Student Services Stuttgart. Another option for longer stays is to look for a room to sublet in a student residence. In some of our buildings, occupants can rent out their room during vacation or up to three months. Please inquire directly at participating housing facilities if you are interested.

Help, I can’t find a place to live!

The semester start is getting ever closer and you still have not found an apartment or room? If all else fails, find a hostel or Hosteling International youth hostel to bed down in temporarily.

Apartments subsidized by the state rent at well-below-market rates. To be eligible for subsidized housing, you must present the following with your application:

  • Housing permit, which you obtain from the Stuttgart Office of Real Estate and Housing against presentation of certain documents
  • Proof of residence
  • Enrollment certificate
  • if needed, a BAföG (German Federal Education Assistance Act) notice
  • Parental declaration of financial support
  • Declaration of own economic situation
  • Non-citizens must also present a passport with valid residency permit

For more information about applying for a subsidized apartment please contact the Stuttgart Office of Real Estate and Housing [de].

With student housing in Stuttgart in such short supply, many housing rental ads on the Internet are posted by scammers. Check all offers carefully; some are not what they seem to be. Read our brochure and find out how protect yourself against scams.

There are specific rules for our international students with regard to housing assignments. In addition, we have put together useful pointers on the hunt for a place to live in Germany

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