Life-long learning at the University of Stuttgart

Continuuing education for everyone – staying fit for the future

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the rapidly evolving challenges on the job and in society head on? In that case the University of Stuttgart - a place of learning open to everyone - is the right place for you.

Continuing education for all

Whether you want to learn a foreign language, study while working, or participate in a continuing education course: The University of Stuttgart offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for continuing your education that is also designed for individuals who are neither employed nor enrolled at the university. Find out all you need to know and choose the course that suits your needs.

Academic continuing education, like research, teaching, and university studies, is a core task for universities. Completing school or studies in today's world is not an ending but rather a beginning for further individual education.

Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science, Research, and the Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg

General programs – Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning

Studierende sitzen in einem Seminar. Die Aufnahme ist in Blickrichtung zur Tafel.
Lecture formats offered by the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning include the traditional seminar.

The Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning offers a place of university learning to all persons interested in continuing education, both privately and professionally.

The Studium generale [de] offers interested persons the opportunity to participate in regular events of the departments and institutes together with students within the framework of extra-mural courses or to further their education at an academic level in specially designed lecture series, seminars and guided tours.

In the University Teaching Area (HD) [de] faculty members at universities located in Baden-Wuerttemberg can avail themselves of continuing education and coaching programs centered on subjects related to teaching and learning, counseling and supervising, as well as testing.

Master’s programs for studying while working

If you already earned an occupation qualifying degree and have at least one year of qualified work experience you can opt for continuing your studies while working.

You could do so by enrolling in a full Master’s program or by taking individual modules in a part-time study framework. Upon successfully completing it, the University awards you a certificate or a Master’s degree that qualifies for pursuing a PhD.

The work-study programs charge the full tuition, with a module costing form 1,000 euro up. These costs are recognized by the Tax Department and are often reimbursed by employers. Feel free to contact us if you have questions on financing your studies.

You will receive comprehensive professional and personal support throughout these courses to ensure you successfully complete the predominantly hybrid program (approximately 80-85% online, 15-20% in-person) within the allotted time.

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