International prospective students (degree-seeking)

Applying for admission

When applying to German universities, prospective students must meet specific requirements. Here we describe what they are and how to fulfill them if you plan to apply to the University of Stuttgart.

Please note:

When applying via C@MPUS you will be asked to upload various documents. You will need to scan these documents to your computer, so be sure you have a scanner available.


EU citizens have equivalent status to German citizens and therefore should carefully read and follow the application instructions for German and international applicants with a German university entrance qualification. This is where you can see which documents you will be asked to upload in C@MPUS. Consult the Application guideline for details.

Non-EU citizens also apply using the  Campus-Management-System C@MPUS.

Upload the following documents directly via the application portal:

  • The university entrance qualification final record that entitles you to study at university in your respective home country, together with the transcript showing individual grades
  • Also, certificates or records of university entrance examinations passed abroad, including the accompanying transcript with individual grades, if your respective home country requires a university entrance examination
  • All applicable higher education and university final records earned (such as from colleges or academies), including transcripts with individual grades or evidence of university examinations already taken
  • Proof of the required proficiency in the German language
  • Possibly other documents that you will be automatically asked for
  • Country-specific documentation: Applicants from the following countries must upload these additional documents:

Additional documentation for applicants to the Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s State Examination for Teachers study programs requiring entrance examination:

  • Upload the application to take the entrance examination (obtain form from the respective study program’s web page) in addition to the requisite certifications

Additional documentation for applicants to Master's study programs:

  • Exams extract with grade point average
  • Bachelor's diploma, if you completed your Bachelor's studies and already received the diploma
  • Depending on the subject, there may be supplementary amendments that you should attach to the application. You can find this on the page: Selection criteria and admission statutes for Master's study programs
  • Description of the contents of your completed Bachelor's study program

Applications for International English-language Master’s study programs are also processed through the Campus-Management-System C@MPUS. Please consult the respective study programs web sites for the specific documentation you need to upload. Click here for an Overview of the Study Programs that contains additional useful information.