International prospective students (degree-seeking)

Admission requirements

When applying for admission to a German university, you have to meet specific requirements before being admitted to studies.

General requirements:

  • The certificates with which you can establish your eligibility for admission are listed on the Admission to Studies website.
  • All applicant categories (German nationals, EU citizens and non-EU citizens) apply via the Campus-Management-System C@MPUS.
  • The application window for German-language study programs offered at the University of Stuttgart to German nationals and international applicants for the winter semester closes on July 15 every year for limited enrollment study programs and on September 15 every year for unrestricted enrollment study programs. For the summer semester, the respective dates are January 15 and April 15 of every year, as determined by the study program or the starting semester.
  • However, for a first academic semester (Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s State Examination for Teachers) you can only apply for the winter semester, therefore the application deadline is July 15.
  • Please note that for Master’s study programs – especially for the international Master’s programs – special admission requirements and different application dates may apply. The specific requirements are indicated in the Selection criteria and admissions statutes and on the web pages of the individual study programs.

Special admission requirements:

Some study programs have special admission requirements. You can look them up in the study program catalog for basic degree programs [de] and on the web pages of the individual study programs.


In a few study programs, it is either necessary or advantageous to have completed internships or improved language skills before being admitted. Please check the web pages of the individual study program for language or internship requirements. You can also find out about these requirements in the study program catalog [de].

Most University of Stuttgart study programs have enrollment limits in effect. This means that there is only a limited number of study places available in a program. In each case, 8-10% of study places are reserved for international applicants. Most are allocated based on applicant qualifications as attested to by school leaving certificates and grade transcripts for studies already completed. See more on this subject on the web page University Selection Process and Entrance Examination.

Certain study programs at the University of Stuttgart require an entrance examination (formerly aptitude assessment). It is designed to assess special aptitude and motivation for the chosen program. Applicants who do not meet the stipulated minimum requirements do not complete the admissions process. All applicants, regardless of nationality or country where a degree was obtained, must participate in this procedure.

This entrance examination is not an examination in the traditional sense in all cases. It may rather be a selection procedure that differs from discipline to discipline. You can find out from the applicable Selection Criteria and Admissions Statutes of the study programs what procedure the study program you are interested in follows.

In some study programs, in cases where sufficient credits are applied – normally, for the preliminary or intermediate examination – the entrance examination may be dispensed with. Since validation is given only after the submission of the application, be sure in any case to hand in the relevant documents and records and to take eventual tests (timeframe July/August).

The criteria for entrance examination differ by study program. Normally, the deadlines for applying for these entrance examinations coincide with those of applying for the study program, namely July 15 or January 15. Some study programs may, however, have earlier application deadlines.

For more detailed information, check the University Selection Process and Entrance Examination websites and the corresponding Selection Criteria and Admissions Statutes.

Before applying for the Sports study program (Bachelor’s State Examination for Teachers or Master of Education (Erweiterungsfach)) you must have taken the sports entrance examination at a cost of 40 EUR. The registration deadline is May 15 of every year. Under certain circumstances, you may be exempt from taking the test. If so, you must apply for the exemption by May 15. The sport fitness test is mutually recognized by all Baden-Wuerttemberg universities.

Please refer to the Sports entrance examination web page for more details.

The Master’s study programs come with special admission criteria. For the most part, a relevant/subject-related Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent degree, is only one of several requirements for admission. All admissions requirements are controlled by the admission statutes of the individual study programs. Depending on the discipline, you must enclose a so-called supplemental application with your regular application.  

Some of the University of Stuttgart Master’s programs are taught in English. Students in English-language Master’s study programs are not required to demonstrate knowledge of German; nevertheless, it is expected that they will learn German while studying at the University of Stuttgart. Obviously, acceptance into an English-language Master’s program requires a sufficient command of English that must be demonstrated with the TOEFL-Test or an equivalent test.

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