Application for the German-French Social Sciences bachelor's study program

In this degree program, students spend the first and third year of their studies at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux and the second year at the University of Stuttgart.

Those interested in the German-French Social Sciences bachelor's study program must register for the entrance examination by May 15 of each year.

How to apply:

The application process has two parts:

1. Apply to take the entrance examination

  • The entrance examination is designed to determine the special suitability and motivation for the chosen degree program.
  • To register, please complete the Request to take the Entrance Examination for the German-French Social Sciences B.A. program for the impending fall semester
  • The application window for taking the entrance examination closes on May 15 every year.After a preliminary review of applications received, you will be invited to a selection interview that will be scheduled for the month of June.

2. Applying for the degree program after passing the entrance examination

  • After passing the entrance examination, apply online by July 15 directly to the University of Stuttgart

For more information, see the Social Sciences (German-French) degree program web page.



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