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Recruiting and advertising

Would you like to find out how we can present your image on campus or in University of Stuttgart media and how to introduce you to young employee talent?
[Photo: Sven Cichowicz]

Here are some options for presenting yourself at the University of Stuttgart as a potential employer: publish job or image ads, set up a booth at career fairs and conduct advertising campaigns.


You can enter your job and internship openings on the University of Stuttgart’s official job portal, the online job board „stellenwerk“ [de]and have them posted as you wish.

You can also publish your company profile. Get the details on our information page for employers [de].

You can also buy space in the University of Stuttgart’s FORSCHUNG LEBEN magazine [de] for your job ads and image advertising. This high-quality publication comes out twice a year in print and online. The advertising agency Agentur Alpha Informationsgesellschaft mbH is ready to accept your ads. Send them an email and they will assist you with your ad placement.

To fill internships specifically for students in the humanities or social science, you will find the ideal platform in our  Student Counseling Center's intnernship board [de].

Please contact Jeannette von Wolff, Tel. +49 711 685-82159, or write an email.


Publicity campaigns, such as passing out flyers, are permitted in two on-campus locations: in the downtown campus canteen and the Vaihingen canteen. Please contact the following Student Services canteen management representatives to arrange a time and place:   

Jürgen Grob – Regionalleiter Stuttgart-Mitte for Mensa Stuttgart-Mitte, Tel.+49 711 685-83913, write an email

Steffen Schöpp – Regionalleiter Stuttgart-Campus for Mensa Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Tel. +49 711 685-62972, write an email

Every spring the “bonding” student initiative holds a career fair [de] on the University of Stuttgart campus. Here you can book a booth as a potential employer and put your best foot forward for large numbers of students and graduates.

Note regarding event facilities

Demand within the university for rooms to use for academic or official as well as special events has been rising for year by year. The University of Stuttgart regrets therefore that it is unable to make rooms available for external events. Still, you may address your request to the university's conference hotel campus.guest.