Nurturing young scientists

Are you thinking about engaging as a mentor, offering internships, or awarding scholarships or prizes? These are some of the ways you can help foster the careers of students tangibly or intangibly.
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FeelScience is a mentoring program for female PhD students. They are paired with carefully selected mentors from industry or science for knowledge exchange and to benefit from their wealth of experience.


For years, the Germany scholarship has been popular with its donors. It is match-funded by the government. Selection criteria for scholarship awardees are not only academic merit, but also engagement and special strengths. 


  • the online job boary stellenwerk [de] offers space for posting internship offers in all fields.

  • You can advertise internships specifically for students in the humanities and social sciences on Student Counseling Center's Internship board [de] free of charge.

  • If you wish to contact the deans‘ offices directly, you will find the Faculties prospectus helpful.

  • Help with finding or locating is also furnished by contactUS!


  • If you would like to hand out prizes for outstanding performances by students or graduates, contactUS! will be pleased to assist you with finding the right contact.
  • If you prefer to approach the deans‘ offices directly, consult this directory of all University of Stuttgart Faculties for contact data.


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