Date: November 11, 2013, No. 85

University of Stuttgart mourns honorary citizen

On the death of Manfred Rommel

The death of the long-standing Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, Manfred Rommel, was received with sadness and dismay at the University of Stuttgart. The senate had awarded Manfred Rommel the honorary fellowship in 2004 for his various services to the community and international understanding as well as for his promotion of tolerance and liberty. Manfred Rommel advocated a close and fruitful relationship between the city and university for decades.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, paid tribute to Manfred Rommel’s work in an obituary:

“We mourn an honorary citizen, who gave long-lasting impulses to the academic life of our university with his liberal humanity. He was instrumental in maintaining close links between the city and the university by setting up the series “University in the Town Hall” as a forum for the citizens of Stuttgart. He made a decisive contribution towards Stuttgart being known today as a city of science both nationally and internationally.
In his universal way of thinking, it was always of utmost importance to him that the university maintained an interdisciplinary research approach. In this respect he promoted setting up a centre for cultural sciences and cultural theory that was extended to become an international centre of cultural and technical research. We mourn an honorary citizen who was held in high esteem in the academic world thanks to his openness, tolerance and integrity.”

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