Statistics for complex simulations

The mathematician Marco Oesting has taken up the SimTech tenure-track professorship "Computational Statistics" at the University of Stuttgart on August 1, 2020. His main focus is on stochastics and statistics.

Complex and heterogeneous data are nowadays collected from different sources, often ad hoc and without planned or controlled experimental conditions. The ability to extract meaningful and statistically sound information from these data is still limited. Especially for large-scale or high-dimensional data, novel, computationally efficient methods are required that go beyond standard statistical tasks. This is where the tenure-track professorship "Computational Statistics" and thus Marco Oesting steps in. The focus is on mastering interdisciplinary challenges between statistical analysis, machine learning, uncertainty quantification, computational mathematics, optimization and high-performance computing.

Jun.Prof. Dr. Marco Oesting.

Marco Oesting studied and received his doctorate at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen, then he worked as a PostDoc at the Department of Earth Observation Science at the University of Twente aswell as in Mannheim and Paris. Since 2015 he was Lecturer at the University of Siegen and held the deputy professorship for Stochastics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at the University of Ulm in 2018. The main research interests of Marco Oesting are in the areas of extreme value theory and statistics, spatial statistics and the simulation of stochastic processes and random fields. In addition to theoretical questions, he is concerned with applications in various fields, especially in climate and environmental sciences. In the upcoming winter semester, Jun. Prof. Oesting will offer the master lecture "Stochastic Simulation I".

The professorship is located at the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech) and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Institute for Stochastics and Applications).


Jun.Prof. Dr. Marco Oesting, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science and Institute for Stochastics and Applications, Tel. +49 711 685-65392, E-Mail.

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