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Azenbergstr. 16

General information to accessibility

Address: Azenbergstr. 16, 70174 Stuttgart

The building is not accessible.

The 5-story building houses the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (ZLW), the Institute of Educational Science and Psychology (IFE), the Institute for Geophysics, the Office of the Rectorate and the Ombudsperson for Teaching.


The nearest public transport stop is the stop “Hölderlinstrasse” (bus number 43). People with walking disabilities might find the path from the city center campus very steep, and it does not offer places to linger or rest. The main entrance is not accessible yet for wheelchair users. Similarly, another entrance, designated as accessible, can be reached only by stairs. A wheelchair accessible ramp is planned for the main entrance in the courtyard. An accessible entrance, which also leads to the elevator inside the building, is located at the back of the building. However, without a key, the door can only be opened from the inside, by means of a pushbutton. The inside of the building is not fully wheelchair-accessible due to the stairs at the end of the corridors on the 2nd and 3rd floors. A ramp to the main entrance in the courtyard is being planned (status 2020)

There are two possible entrances: The main entrance with direct access to the elevator is located in the courtyard, when passing through the archway between buildings no. 14 and 16 Azenbergstr. A second entrance is right in front of the archway, on the right-hand side (steps only).

Missing step markings. Glass doors with limited contrast. The interior of the building is not very well lit. Only single-sided handrails on all internal stairs and on the stairs to the main entrance. Some of the handrails on the internal stairs are not continued. Side entrance with handrails on both sides, but too short.

There is an accessible university parking space between buildings 12 and 14.

The elevator has limited accessibility. The elevator car is not mirrored and the control panel is mounted too high.

The entrance doors and the doors in the hallways are not automated and can only be opened with effort.

There is an accessible restroom on the 1st floor (freely accessible).

Contact in case of emergency: from 4 p.m.: Security guard Securitas
Emergency number: +49 172 724 2082 or +49 711 685-83200



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