Visionary since 1829: The University of Stuttgart stands for exceptional, world-acclaimed research and first-class teaching in one of Europe’s most vibrant industrial areas. The university is a reliable employer, partner for technology transfer and focuses on interdisciplinarity.

Exceptional research and teaching

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading technically oriented universities in Germany with global significance. It sees itself as a center of university-based, non-university, and industrial research. Furthermore, it takes a role as a guarantor of research-based teaching, focused on quality and holism. The Stuttgart Way means an interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences based on the fundamentals of cutting-edge research at a disciplinary level.

Since November 2007, the excellence initiative of federal and state bodies promotes the Excellence Cluster ‘Simulation Technology (SimTech)’ and the graduate school ‘Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME)’ at the University of Stuttgart. With the new Excellence Strategy that supports  top-level research the university will apply for new clusters.