Empirical Political and Social Research (German-French)

Master of Arts 

Start of studies: winter semester
Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: German, French

This German-French Master’s degree program is the sequel to the German-French Social Sciences B.A. study program. It is offered jointly by the University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Social Sciences and Sciences Po Bordeaux.

This Master’s program leads to a German and French degree. It comes in two versions: either a research oriented M.A. for which you will spend both study years in Stuttgart or as a practically oriented M.A. for which the first year of studies takes place in Stuttgart and the second year is completed at Sciences Po Bordeaux (including the compulsory internship). Both versions offer numerous opportunities for stays in third countries.  

Empirische Politik- und Sozialforschung deutsch-französisch

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Students must have very good knowledge of German and French, must be open to new experiences, enjoy improvising, and tolerate stress. This presupposes being prepared to deal with the differing instructional priorities and teaching methods of the two institutions.

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This image shows Benoît Paul Dumas

Benoît Paul Dumas


Akademischer Mitarbeiter, Studiengangsmanager für die deutsch-französischen sozialwissenschaftlichen Studiengänge

This image shows Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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