This picture shows Prof. Dr. Stefanos Fasoulas

Prof. Dr. Stefanos Fasoulas

Area of Research: Aerospace Engineering - Astronomy
Thematic Priority: Space systems, space transport technology, plasma wind tunnels, gas sensors, space experiments, simulation, energy systems for space vehicles

Field of Work

Re-entry research, new concepts of electrical and chemical space propulsion, experimental and numerical reentry simulations and novel system technologies for future life support and energy systems in space. A special focus is the investigation of all concepts in connection with the overall system analysis. Also of particular interest to Mr. Fasoulas are the aspects of technology transfer of the development from and for aerospace applications for and from terrestrial applications (spin-off / spin-in).

Personal Information

Stefanos Fasoulas was born on 13.10.1964 in Thessaloniki in Greece. He studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (1984-1990) and completed his doctorate in 1995 at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering with the topic: "Experimental and theoretical characterization of a high-enthalpy nitrogen flow for re-entry simulation". While working as a research associate at the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart, he dealt with the experimental design, evaluation and documentation of material investigations in the plasma wind tunnel and later headed the department "New Technologies" with the focus on gas sensors, for which he was initially responsible to build.

From 1999 Stefanos Fasoulas was Professor of Space Systems / Spaceflight Usage at the Institute of Aerospace Engineering of the TU Dresden and responsible for the complete rebuilding of the professorship, the construction and implementation of various courses and laboratory facilities, the acquisition of third-party funds and management of various research projects. After being director of the institute at the TU Dresden (2006-2010), Stefanos Fasoulas took over the professorship for Space Transportation Technology as well as the Deputy Directorate at the Institute of Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart. Since 2014, he is the managing director of the institute in Stuttgart.


Prof. Dr. Stefanos Fasoulas
Institute of Space Systems
Tel.: +49 (0)711 685 62417

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