This picture shows Prof. Damian Vogt

Prof. Damian Vogt

Area of Research: Energy Research
Thematic Priority: Turbo engines and vibrations

Field of Work

Vibrations on the rotor blades of turbo engines can quickly result in catastrophic damage to components and entire machines. These phenomena occur as a result of the interaction between aerodynamic excitation forces as well as damping effects caused both by aerodynamics and structural dynamics. Prof. Damian Vogt’s research interests are centered on the analysis of these cause-and-effect scenarios as well as on calculating the vibration amplitudes and potential damage response of the components involved.

In order to achieve an acceptable level of precision, the models have to be extremely comprehensive and therefore require very large amounts of computing power. What is more, production tolerances and variations in wear-and-tear response lead to small changes in apparently identical components. This so-called mistuning results in a small number of components of a turbo engine being exposed to a much higher vibration amplitude and therefore exhibiting a higher damage probability, which can only be determined by means of probabilistic analyses.

The precise and reliable determination of aeromechanical phenomena allows thermal turbo engines to be built that are more efficient, lighter and more powerful – without having to compromise in terms of safety, reliability and operational flexibility.


Personal Information

The aeromechanics of turbo engines – such as those in power plants, aircraft and cars – is the specialization of Prof. Damian Vogt, who has been director of the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Laboratory at the University of Stuttgart since August 1, 2013. Originally from Switzerland and having lived in Sweden for many years, he was born in Basel in 1972. He studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich and obtained his doctorate at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) in 2005 with an investigation into fluttering in low-pressure turbines. As an assistant professor and lecturer at KTH he was in charge of the aeromechanics research group as well as running research projects on aeroelasticity, funded by the European Union and under contract to industry.


Prof. Damian Vogt
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machinery Laboratory (ITSM)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-63516

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