This picture shows Jun. Prof. Björn Annighöfer

Jun. Prof. Björn Annighöfer

Areas of Research: Aerospace Engineering - Astronomy, Information Technology
Thematic Priority: Aircraft systems, avionics, Model-based systems engineering, combinatorial optimization, bus systems, safety-critical

Field of Work

Today’s aircraft are flying computers. Distributed computing systems guarantee safety and comfort. Their development and safety proof contribute up to 50% to the development cost of an aircraft; especially the failure management of distributed real-time computing systems. Our research is the automation of the design, development, test and certification of avionics systems. Optimal avionics architectures with 10000s of elements are determined with mathematical optimization. Domain specific models are used derive implementations, tests, and certification documents of avionic functions. The next generation of avionics systems will be completely self-configuring and always trying on its own to achieve the safest system state.

Personal Information

Björn Annighöfer (1982, Freiburg i.Br., Germany) studied computer science and engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). He did his PhD at the Institute of Aircraft Systems Engineering (FST) of the TUHH on "Model-based Architecting and Optimization of Distributed Integrated Modular Avionics". In 2015 he went on as a postdoc at the FST and co-founder of the spin-off company TuTech SYSTAR Innovation. Since 2017 he is a Juniorprofessor for "Methods of Complex Avionics Systems" at the Institute of Aircraft Systems (ILS) of the University of Stuttgart.


Jun. Prof. Björn Annighöfer
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Aircraft Systems (ILS)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-62703

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