The University of Stuttgart Foundation

The University of Stuttgart's new foundation is strengthening excellence and fostering progress.

One of the most important tasks facing the University of Stuttgart is to contribute to general social prosperity and economic success through research and teaching. The "University of Stuttgart Foundation" was established in 2023 to drive this project forward.

The foundation has been launched to strengthen the university as a renowned knowledge institution and as a driving force in this economically prosperous region, to contribute to solid resources endowment and to ensure the sustainable financing of the university's diverse tasks and activities.

To this end, the University of Stuttgart Foundation gives you, as a private sponsor or supporter from the business sector, the opportunity to make a lasting and responsible contribution. This is essential in ensuring that the University of Stuttgart can continue to sustainably expand its position in the future. By supporting the foundation, you are supporting not only cutting-edge research but also culture and interdisciplinary exchange.

A link to the webpage of the new foundation will be published here soon. Until then, you can find out more about the foundation and its projects here.

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