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Do you have any questions about, or are you experiencing issues with the application process? Our frequently asked questions and answers will help.

Questions and answers to the online application

Before applying

Application deadlines vary with the study program. In general, you can only apply for the winter semester; applications for the summer semester are only possible for certain Master’s programs and for higher regular semesters. You can find the exact dates on the Application Deadlines web page.

Yes. Even when your intended study program has no minimum admission requirements and no entrance exam, you must complete the online application in C@MPUS.

The DoSV is a Federal Republic-wide admissions process coordinated by the Foundation for University Admissions via its [de] website. It prevents study program places from remaining unused. You can find out which study programs it affects and what you need be aware of on the Dialogue Oriented Service Process [de].

Applicants from non-EU countries and without German university entrance qualification don't have to apply via DoSV but via C@MPUS only!

In total, you can apply for a maximum of six Bachelor's subjects of study. If you have submitted more applications than is permitted and have reached the maximum number, you may need to withdraw an application before proceeding.

You can also simultaneously apply for the same subject for the first and higher semesters if you are unsure whether you will be placed in the first or a higher semester.

Note to applicants
If you are not sure you can get into your preferred restricted-entry course and you have an open admissions alternative, we recommend that you also apply for the latter. In this way, you will at least have a place even if you are not admitted to your preferred study program.  

Concerning Master's, a total of four simultaneous applications are allowed. If you have submitted more applications than is permitted and have reached the maximum number, you may need to withdraw an application before proceeding.

You can combine different subjects only in the Bachelor of Arts study programs (combination Bachelor’s) and in the teaching qualification study programs. You can see the permitted subject combinations on the web pages for two-subject Bachelor of Arts with combination options and for subject combinations in teaching qualification study programs.

As a rule, the certificate of eligibility for entry into higher education must be submitted with the application.

If – and if so, with what conditions – one of the rare exceptions is to be made for an applicant with a temporary certificate, it will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the department Application, Admission, Enrollment.

If the exception is granted, the certificates must be uploaded latest at the time of enrollment. However, this only applies if the required completion – i.e., of the eligibility for entry into higher education – is attained in time before the application deadline.

All applicants, including those changing study programs or universities, must enclose evidence of having attended an orientation even if only applying for one subject for the 1st regular semester by the time of the enrollment.  

Which proceedings are acceptable to the University of Stuttgart is detailed for you on the Orientation process.

You must use the online application via C@MPUS for all study programs. Paper format applications are not accepted and won't be considered.

If you are or will be performing Voluntary Service, we recommend that you apply when starting your service. Under the current rules, you will be granted preferential admission during the next two application periods for the same study program over all other applicants (so-called advance selection). If, however, in the intervening time an entrance examination is introduced or modified, you must also take it.

For more details, see the web page for Application during (volunteer) service.

Evidence of having completed the pre-university internship must be furnished either at enrollment or to the Placement Office at the start of classes. On an exceptional basis, the internship can also be completed at a later time. For the detailed internship rules, please consult your study program’s information web pages.

Should you run into difficulty finishing your internship before starting your studies or have problems finding an internship, please be sure to contact the Internship Office.

As soon as you are in possession of certification of eligibility for entry to university studies, i.e., you have graduated, you are judged capable of “taking up, pursuing, and completing studies” even if you are a minor. That means that even if still under the age of 18, you have the right to file your application, enroll at the University, and enjoy the same rights as all other students. The same applies if you want sit for a Delta examination or take an assessment test for the vocationally qualified.

During the application process

For technical questions, please feel free to email C@MPUS Support.

You first need to click the checkbox at the bottom of the splash page (the checkbox is located next to the text that starts with “I confirm that the statements made by me are truthful…”) The “submit” button will now work.

Once you have submitted your application, it is only possible to make minor changes in C@MPUS. You can change your address yourself in the "My current / home address" application and upload or replace missing documents before the application deadline.

If you want to alter your personal data (such as nationality, date of birth or name), please write a message via our contact form and attach a copy of your ID as a PDF file. We will then change your information for you.

You can upload missing documents or replace documents that have already been uploaded until the application deadline. You can read about exactly how to do this in the guidelines detailed information on status of documents.

If you do not remember the password for your basic account, you can reset your password yourself. Please click on the "Forgot password or username?" link. This will appear if you have entered invalid login data. After that, please fill in the form to reset your password.

You can reset your password on the User Admin web page. You can obtain your username for student services (“TIK Account” from Student User Support.

C@MPUS from time to time may ask you to upload several documents combined into one. In that case, use one of the many available freeware program for creating pdf files, such as pdf24 Creator or FreePDF.

File size:
File uploads may not exceed 2 MB regardless of document format. If your file exceeds the limit, we will ask you to scan it again at a lower resolution. It is possible to reduce your pdf file’s size online, with apps like Smallpdf. You can reduce the size of the image file of your passport photo (only necessary for enrollment!) with apps like TinyPNG. Please do not send us large files via email!

Please go to “Language Certificate (EN/DE oder DE/EN)“ to upload it as a pdf file.

Please contact the department Application, Admission, Enrollment handling your application for help with this.

You only need to enclose a CV (resume) if explicitly required to do so. You can look this up in the Selection Criteria and Admissions Statutes of your chosen study program:

To apply for a master's program, you need to have a respective academic background. Please note that at least one final exam (Bachelor’s degree) of the academic background needs to be “passed on the whole” or “not finished” in order to continue with your application. The box "intermediate exam" may be left empty, if it doesn't apply to your study program.

When applying for the Bachelor of Arts (teaching degree) or Master of Education (teaching degree), you apply for two majors with supplementary educational science courses, which you must select  - as your third choice  - when choosing your subjects in C@MPUS. The educational sciences [de] create the foundations in the field of education and educational tasks that are important for the teaching profession and are integrated into the degree program.

If you are enrolled on a combined Bachelor's program and wish to change your study program, at the beginning of your application you will be asked:

  1. "I would like to change one or more courses on my current study program". This means, you wish to keep one of your subjects and change the second subject. E.g. Your major is English and your minor is Business Administration and you would like to change your minor to German Linguistics.
  2. "I would like to apply for another study program". This means, you would like to apply for a completely different study program, or for a new combined study program.


After I submitted my application

You must enroll by the date stipulated in your acceptance letter. You can download the letter once you have accepted your study place in C@MPUS.

The conditions of your acceptance are listed in your letter of acceptance which you can download in C@MPUS.

If you already have been accepted with conditions for a Master’s study program and want to enroll in it, please follow the steps shown on the Enrollment web page.

It is up to you when to download your certificate of enrollment in C@MPUS using the link you will receive for your new student account after enrollment is complete and you have activated it in a timely manner. You are then ready to download your certificate of enrollment from this account. You will receive your student ID card ECUS by regular mail approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your enrollment; it also serves as your library card. 

Your ECUS is valid for one semester, in conjunction with ECUS stamps - please print these from your C@MPUS account after you have enrolled (or received enrolment confirmation for following semesters).

Unfortunately, you cannot call up more precise information in C@MPUS in this regard. In the following few weeks, you will be able to download a rejection notice in C@MPUS that will state the reason for turning down your application. If warranted, on the basis of this rejection notice you can then appeal the admission committee‘s decision. 

You are welcome to make an appointment with Student Counseling Center to discuss the rejection notice and review your options.

At the present time, it unfortunately takes about two weeks before the funds are received from the State Bank by the bursar’s office of the University of Stuttgart and transmitted via the SAP-FI interface to C@MPUS.

It is not possible to change your health insurance information once you have entered it. Please continue, contact your health insurance company and request electronic transmission. The data will be overwritten during electronic transmission.

Our health insurance website provides information about the electronic transmission process.


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Student Counseling Center


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