Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures is concerned with the simulation of advanced engineering problems using modelling, computer implementation, experimental verification and case study investigation. This Master of Science program provides the basis of hightech engineering designed for a broad spectrum of applications. One of the unique characteristics of this degree program is close interdisciplinary cooperation between the faculties of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the Engineering Cybernetics as well as local laboratories and industry. The program is especially designed for students who are interested in the theoretical and numerical modelling of materials and structures. The scientific field of Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures is characterized by a comprehensive treatment and interaction of mechanical problems and numerical methods. The underlying concept is a coupling of theoretical modelling, numerical implementation, experimental verification and computer simulation. This dramatically expanding area of science induces a large number of research activities and is accompanied by strong international cooperations. The entire COMMAS program can be studied in English.

Final Degree:

Master of Science

Standard Period of Study:

4 semesters

Teaching Language:English
Admission Restrictions:
  • Completed Bachelor of Science course or equivalent degree in Engineering, Natural Sciences or in a related field of study with excellent results.
  • Local admission restrictions
  • Special admission procedure by the study programme
Language requirements:

Very good knowledge of English, non-Nativespeakers need a language certificate (TOEFL-Test with 213 credits (computer-based test) or a similar certificate).


Until February 15th for the beginning of the course in the winter semester of the same year.


The quality of this study programme is tested in an accreditation process.

  • Further information on study programmes with the quality seal of the Accreditation Council and central database
Examination Regulation: The examination regulations (in German: Prüfungsordnungen) include a survey of the required modules.

Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS) M.Sc. - in English

Examination regulation [de]
Prüfungsordnung   2008-09-01
Satzung zur Feststellung von Konsekutivität von Masterstudiengängen   2012-08-27
Satzung über die Änderung der Prüfungsordnungen zur Anpassung an die Lissabon-Konvention (§ 36a LHG)   2013-03-11
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