Deckblatt Zwischenbericht

Interim report gender concept (2/2011)

The interim report of Stuttgart University on the implementation of the DFG’s “research-oriented standards of equal treatment" provides information on the state of the implementation of the gender concept.




Gender concept of Stuttgart University. Quality through equal opportunities – equal treatment management as a success factor (2009)

The gender concept of Stuttgart University was worked out in the Gender Advisory Board – after the “research-oriented standards for equal treatment“ were passed by the Members’ Meeting of the DFG – and it was approved by the Senate and the University Council. It contains targets for the university as a whole and for the faculties concerning the proportion of women at all levels of academic qualification as well as structural and personnel measures to achieve these goals.


Equal treatment plan in the SEPUS (2013 to 2017)

The equal treatment plan, effective for a period of five years and required by the LHG, is an integral part of the structural and development plan of Stuttgart University (Struktur- und Entwicklungsplan der Universität Stuttgart (SEPUS)). It contains faculty-related targets concerning the proportions of women to be achieved until the end of 2017 within the Scientific Service and for the professorships.

The structural and development plan 2013 - 2017 can be accessed at the Intranet at this link.

Deckblatt Spirit

SPIRIT – Gender and diversity at Stuttgart University (2008)

This equal treatment concept was a requirement for the application of Stuttgart University within the framework of the female professors’ programme of 2008. It contains a set of measures concerning gender and diversity, in particular in the MINT disciplines, and with its help it was possible to establish three professorships for female scientists.