Main focuses and offers

The Equal Opportunity Commissioner and the Equal Opportunity Department, of which the Mentoring Programme for Women in Science and Research is a part as is the Service Gender Consulting and the Service University & Family, are actively involved in a gender-adequate college development at Stuttgart University. They bring in their expertise to the decisions and concepts of the Rectorate, the University Council, the Senate, and a number of other bodies. The main focuses are:

College development

  • Structural and development planning (targets, equal treatment plan)
  • Gender concept
  • Management model
  • Integration of gender in the quality development and management
  • Integration of gender in teaching
  • Establishing a gender culture
  • Gender reporting
  • Gender controlling

Personnel recruitment, management, and development

  • Active participation in appeal proceedings
  • Professionalization and transparency of personnel selection procedures
  • Motivation for the active recruitment of female scientists
  • Integration of gender in the personnel development
  • Gender awareness and gender competence in the management culture
  • Integration of gender in training

Research promotion

  • Integration of gender in research grant applications
  • Monitoring the gender measures in research grant applications


  • Increasing the proportion of women students in MINT disciplines (Girls’ Day, Try out the university! Science and technology for senior classes students)
  • Training of management-oriented female students of MINT disciplines (Femtec.Network – Career building programme for female junior managers in engineering science and science)
  • Active support of female bachelor and master students (junior mentoring programme, start: 2012)
  • Active support of the scientific career or the external career entry of female juniors (Mentoring Programme for Women in Science and Research)
  • Access to internships, theses, and graduations at SMBs (“PraktikumsInfoBörse” (“InternshipInfoPortal”))

Family-friendly university

  • Offers for childcare
  • Flexibilization of study conditions
  • Flexibilization of work conditions
  • Breast-feeding and nappy-changing rooms
  • Creating a family-friendly management culture
  • Information on the reconciliation of family and studies or employment
  • Certification as a family-friendly university (start: 2011/12)


  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Gender in research grant applications
  • Support possibilities
  • Reconciliation of studies or science and family
  • Sexual discrimination and violence


  • State- and nationwide at project-level
  • State- and nationwide at the level of the equal opportunity officer
  • with companies, ministries, associations, media, administrations, etc.