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Central Administration (ZV)

Creativity, legality and transparency

The Central Administration of the university is a service center, which supports our goals and the tasks of the State University Act to the best of its ability.
The service orientation of this center results in employees of the Central Administration not only meeting the expectations and demands, but also finding creative and appropriate solutions for teaching and research needs. This specifically includes:

  • a fundamentally positive attitude, approaching the needs and problems of the academics and students with openness and flexibility,
  • in a given case to explain the legal or economic needs and constraints in such a way that it finds understanding and cooperation,
  • to develop own suggestions for solutions and perspectives to support the goals of the university,
  • to make reliable statements,
  • to make prompt decisions.

With these goals the Central Administration wishes to make its contribution towards a successful university!


Leadership principles and mission statements (pdf) [de]